The Hustle & Grind: Success Culture Is Seriously F*cked.

What does it truly take to be “successful”

I’ve only recently really dived into the pop-culture world of success. There’s a trend across the social platforms & online communities which suggests to achieve success you absolutely must be an entrepreneur who grinds 6AM to 12AM. They also believe success means fancy clothes and expensive cars. This mindset is particularly worrisome for a variety of reasons.

Everyone’s different

Just because one persons definition of success states “cars, clothes & pretty things” doesn’t mean It applies to all. Everyone ticks differently. The reason this is important to discuss is because the power of influence the internet has on people in 2018 is huge. People going through personal crisis, & younger generations often find their attention being focused on mass success and its become the definition of happiness. Therefore the goal becomes about material rather than lifestyle.

It’s not for everyone

Being an entrepreneur simply isn’t for everyone. Being an “employee” isn’t a bad thing if you enjoy your work and are living a fulfilling life. Not everyone is born to create the next Google, or Tesla. And that is totally okay. Being constantly bombarded with content that suggests happiness comes from being hugely popular, rich or influential is going to cause many many kids, adults and everyone influenced by it an insane amount of discouragement, stressĀ  and disappointment when they realize it just isn’t for them.

Self-awareness is a beautiful thing

“conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.”

Self-awareness is by far one of the most undervalued traits taught growing up. This is likely the reason this “success” culture exists. Once you can learn understand yourself you can begin to play on your strengths and understand your weaknesses. This is the golden ticket to true success and happiness. Building a life where you can acknowledge your motives, desires & act in an accordance to your motivation. It’s truly liberating when you can openly admit you truly suck at certain things and you’ll likely never be good at it. Because everyone sucks at certain things, they’re simply not self-aware and they view their weaknesses as flaws.

In Conclusion

I strongly encourage you to begin a journey of self-awareness. Even If you’re not interested or care about what others think. It’s incredibly rewarding and you’ll find a huge burden lifted and a new path paved. Understanding yourself is the first step when creating a path or direction for the future. I really hope you found some useful thoughts here & are able to reflect on your own life.

I’d love to hear from anyone out there In internet land so feel free to reach out!

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