Self-Development: Expanding Beyond Your Limitations

Expanding Beyond Your Limitations

It seems to me, that I’ve created limitations to my capabilities. As I learn and experiences challenge me I find self-development increasingly important. I often find myself pleasantly surprised with my ability to overcome. Still, my sub-consciousness plays it safe In an attempt to protect me from pain. The most important factor is simply that I can acknowledge this and try to understand it.

My first breakthrough (self-development) moment was learning to snowboard. Although, this is something many can do It was something that I viewed as impossible for me. I created a limitation for myself based off no tangible fact.

Living In Atlantic Canada – winters can be very trying on your mental state. The days are short and the air is cold. I decided after listening to something Tony Robbins said that I’m far better off accepting my reality and make the best of it. So, I thought. If I’m going to live here I need to find away to enjoy it. I decided to try snowboarding.

After a few hours and several wipeouts I was beginning to get the hang of it. How was this possible? How is it that, I am doing something that I thought I couldn’t? This sparked a thought inside me. What other things do I think I can’t do?

Years went on with a new confidence. I continued to educate myself on personal development, finance, self-awareness & in sales. I wasn’t really doing much with this knowledge though. I have had a blog for quite awhile however I’ve always been 50/50 on it. Never fully committing.

Then, one day while searching through the Apple Podcast app I saw “Gary Vaynerchuk”. I had heard his name several times and I was pretty curious. I felt like If anyone knows this guy it should be me. So I listened. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be the same person as I was before discovering that material.

I’m now deciding to go all in on my passion while balancing my job & life. I’ve always loved creating but never truly had a fulfilling method to express myself. My blog, social media & the Big Red community I so desperately want to create represent my entire life. It represents what I’ve learned, and how I feel. It’s a way for me to give back all the knowledge and advice I have siphoned from the audiobooks and speakers over the years.

This journey as only just begun for me however It feels amazing to be on the path. If I can inspire just one single person to make a change in their life than all the time and effort will truly be worth it.

Big Red

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