Motivation: Find Clarity and Understand Yourself

There are two general types of motivation which can be broken down into 6 however my goal is to focus on the parents. Intrinsic & Extrinsic. Our culture instinctively caters to one style which is Extrinsic. Unfortunately a large portion of the population find their motivation through Intrinsic motivators. How your motivated will change depending on your life situation however you’ll find you typically work best when motivated by one style.


Intrinsic motivation is internal motivation. These people are motivated by autonomy, belonging, curiosity, love, learning, meaning etc. If you offer these people cash as an incentive they certainly won’t decline the offer but you won’t get their full buy-in over time. Initially the money will do, just fine. However over time these people will find it difficult to stay passionate & motivated with the task. However, put this same person in an environment that incentives the individual by using internal factors you’ll see much better results.

An example of this would be an individual accepting a job because of the salary Vs. an individual accepting a job because he/she believes in the cause and is apart of something bigger.

However, we’ve largely built our lives around

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation is external motivation. These people are motivated by money, competition & rewards. They work in reverse of the example above.

Why It Matters

Understanding there are different styles of motivation is important for your own sanity. Are you finding it difficult to find motivation? It’s likely you’re an intrinsic person being motivated by extrinsic factors which isn’t sustainable. You’re not broken, you’re actually misunderstood. By yourself and likely the people around you. This is just one of the reasons I believe self-awareness is so crucial.

Now That You Know

It’s time to dig further into the concept if you feel that this is something you’re struggling with. There is a ton of content out there that takes a very dip dive into it. Don’t accept the fact and deal with it, that’s the worst case scenario. I’ll link below some resources If I’ve peaked your interest.

Additional Resources

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Successful Management – Balancing Extrinsic & Intrinsic Motivation (Book)


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