It’s Simple! Raise Your Standards

Standards “a level of quality or attainment.”


Sometimes, a definition says it all. I typically start any article off with a simple definition. This way you can relate it to your own life instantly prior to reading my thoughts. This one is just too simple, Standards –  “a level of quality or attainment.” 

So, by that definition. I can simply raise my standards which will in reaction raise the quality of my life? Yes. Yes it will.

In one moment you can decide you are going to improve the quality of your work, raise your standards. No doubt this will have a positive impact on your career over time. You can decide you’ll no longer have a messy room. You can decide to raise your standards in every aspect of your life.

The key to this whole game, is I believe. Pain Vs. Pleasure. There needs to be MORE pain than pleasure associated with NOT doing this. After you have raised your standards and are living your life to these amazing new limits there must be PAIN associated with not following through. You’re either chasing a dream or running from a past. Use this, know this and manipulate it for your own good.

Anyway just some everyday, casual food for thought. Give it a try, it might work.

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