Canadian “Penny Stocks” You should consider.

Never buy or sell stocks based solely on what you read on Big Red Says.
Here are a few cheaper stocks to get into who run legitimate businesses that have solid financials and have been growing their brands. I don’t believe penny stocks have to be all speculation and risk. This list could be a good starting point to find some low-risk stocks that are cheaper to get into. Don’t simply take my word – or anyone else’s. Do your own homework before making any purchase! 

Before checking what they’re trading at, I’d asses the brand and make a guess! If it’s trading more than what you think It would be.. maybe its over priced! If it’s under what you think, maybe its under valued.

RTI.V -They have plans to be working with Aurora Cannabis a huge player in the Medical Cannabis industry. They own a technology to extract nutrients and chemicals.

The financials for these guys honestly haven’t been amazing but the partnership with Aurora should be super beneficial.

FTG.TO- Firon group – These guys are tremendous. Just check out their chart. Wow. They win awards for innovation, management.They recently announced  that they were awarded 3 year deal worth over 12 million. If you want a growth stock I’d consider this. Every year they increase the bottom line net income.

NLN.TO- NeuLion – bringing 4K to all. Media company that broadcasts in 4K. They’ve landed a few big events. They also have a contract with Sony using their software to upscale content. The CEO recently said in an interview, soon it’ll be in all Samsung and LG TV’s too. That’d be huge.

NML.TO – The only company that mines in the Schefferville area in Quebec, keep an eye on these guys.

PHO.V – Photon Control – These guys are simply steady eddy. Constantly growing their revenues and margins. They are a super high tech company working with fiber optics. Leaders in the industry.

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