Balancing Your Life: Focus & Prioritize

Balancing Your Life: Focus & Prioritize

A huge factor of improving your situation no matter how good, or bad it is will take self-awareness. This is a re-occurring theme for me. Knowing your self well enough to know what to focus & prioritize is essentially life.

Be In The Moment

Living in the moment is a cliche saying that resonates with me. If you’re focus is work, that’s great as long as your at work. When you’re outside of that environment you absolutely have to find a way to separate it unless it’s also your passion.

If you are working out at the gym, bring a separate device which has music only or download offline and turn on airplane mode. Focus on what you’re doing. This applies to everything. If you are spending time with your girlfriend or wife disconnect and build on that relationship. This is allows you to separate your life into segments which you can then prioritize.

Practicing this, you will notice the whole “work life” balance struggle will be much easier to manage. Because now you are able to prioritize the aspects of life you find important & when you’re engaging in them you are 100% there releasing your mind from work, and all the other noise from the world.

I go in-depth on this topic on episode #5 which you can find below! Check it out!


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