A Trip to Washington & Oregon

For those who are curious about these states. This footage might be some use. This was my first experience in the States.

Unfortunately, when we went there was a huge fire that burned many of the areas in Oregon that we wanted to visit. So, based off this one experience we had; Washington state really won our hearts with the beauty that is Olympic National Park. It’s like visiting a fairy tale with the massive mossy trees.

The coast of Oregon was beautiful but If you live on the coast (we live on the east coast) it’s much the same. I only mention this because, we were strapped for time and although we really enjoyed every second it would’ve been nice to exchange that time for something else. IE visiting Mt. Rainier.

Anyhow, This video is very poorly edited. I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking. However there are some good shots and you’ll get a pretty good sense of the areas we visited.


Mt. Hood

Olympic National Park (Hall of Moss)

BigRedSays – Washington & Oregon – YouTube

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