7 Simple Steps to Goal Setting

Goal setting is crucial to your personal growth. There is no progress without accomplishing goals. Many won’t set goals for fear of being let down or they lack the confidence to believe they can follow-thru with their goals. A valuable lesson I’ve recently learned is anything that makes you fearful is a sign you need to do it. Run into your fear.

Goals give you focus & allow you to measure progress, and give motivation

So, here are 7 simple steps to effective goal setting.

1) Decide exactly what you want

2) Write it down

3) Set a deadline

4) Make a list (what you have to do to achieve your goal)

5) Organize your list

6) Take action immediately

7) Do something every day to achieve your goal


Tou must know your “why” to all of this, why do you have to achieve this goal? If it’s a financial goal maybe the reason could be “If I don’t achieve this goal, I’ll be stuck in the rat race until I retire at 65” or “I want to live life on my own terms”

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