3 Lesser Known Motivators Worth Knowing

Hello again friends,

I will be sharing with you 3 life coaches as Tony Robbins dubs the role. These guys are lesser known than the few house-holds name guys but have been hugely successful.


  1. Robin Sharma – Being Canadian I feel obligated to include this inspirational legend on this list. Robin has been hugely successful; his name isn’t as recognizable as, say Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins however he’s one of the best speakers working today on Leadership.

You’ll like Robin if you are interested in learning about Leadership, Productivity & Innovation

also, check out this blog HERE

Here’s a link to a post he made titled “The 3 Simple Steps to Destroy your Life” fantastic read.

2. Brian Tracey – A professional educator, manager & coach Brian is one of my personal favorites. He has a fantastic course on Udemy you can find here. 

You’ll like Brian for his Goal Setting methods, time management & public speaking. He’s posted a ton of free material. Find his blog here.

3.  Grant Cardone – Alittle more edgy than the previous guys mentioned. Grant is all about going big or going home, he’s best known for this 10X philosophy which you should be familiar with.

All of his social media is very active, this guy goes 10x on everything!  You’ll like Grant Cardone if  you prefer the edgy, street life type. He’s truly inspirational.

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