Your Circle of Influence

Your Circle of Influence

Your circle of influence is something not to be ignored. Your circle is the people you surround your self with. Primarily in real life, but you also have “online friends” who you follow. These people always influence you. They play a role in every decision you make and the scary part is that most don’t even realize it.

You are most like the people whom you are surrounded by. It’s not by chance that millionaires typically hang out together, and criminals hang out with other criminals. They are able to relate to each other and build relationships around it. It’s life.

So, naturally whatever you are trying to achieve in life you can take action on that goal by surrounding your self with people who will embrace your goals and challenge you to achieve them. If you don’t currently know anyone like this, go online. Find people who are doing what you want to be doing and follow their journey and learn. Use websites such as to find like minded individuals locally.



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