Simple ways to become wealthy – not your conventional wisdom.

Hello again friends.

I have recently discovered a revolutionary strategy to instantly make you rich!! Send me your entire life savings to find out more. 

just kidding.




This is the true route to riches for most. Unless you’ve found a way to add an obscene amount of value to the market (I.E create Instagram, Apple, revolutionize an industry, or some other method of making huge amounts of cash). However, even If you cash in big with the lack of education you’ll end up with nothing in the end.

“I’m a millennial. I like things to happen instantly”

If this is your mindset. You may certainly spend your life chasing wealth through “hot stocks”, gambling, BIG ideas, & hundreds of other concepts. I strongly caution against this way of thinking. I, and surely many others call this “speculative”.

Don’t get me wrong here, I 100% believe you should pursue your dreams, act on your ideas & take risks, many risks. However I also know you should have a strategy in place to ensure you become wealthy. I also believe you must find ways to constantly educate yourself. 

Great ways of achieving continuous education.

  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks/Books
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Mentors
  • Mastermind groups
  • Following educated people on social media




There are endless ways to achieve wealth. You don’t need a huge income to become wealthy. Keep in mind everyone has a different definition of wealth. There are several amazing books, podcasts, and seminars designed to point you in the right direction. We’ll start here though.

 All these concepts I do practice. I am enrolled in my companies RRSP plan. I do automatic transfers into a savings account for emergencies. I also put money aside for stock investments & I sponsor a child in India. I always practice what I preach. Watch out for the chef who doesn’t eat his own food. So many people give advice while not following it them selves.
  1. RRSP Contributions.
    (My american friends refer to this as a 401k, they do operate a little differently)Many, most employers will offer a program which they’ll match a certain percentage of what you contribute. Many of these plans are self-directed investment plans. This is a fantastic tax-differing option & In Canada you may borrow from your RRSP to purchase a home.

    I strongly urge you to take advantage of these.

    Do a little due diligence. Be smart, look into the fees. What is the true cost of this plan? Mutual funds can be absolutely outrageous. You can call in and ask these questions. Get all the fees and add it up. If you’re 1-2% all in – this is fine. Anything over 2% you should question your employer. Ideally you can simply invest in low cost ETFs. (Exchange traded fund)

  2. Automatic Transfers

    As David Bach writes in the “Automatic Millionare”, make your savings automatic. this is absolutely crucial. Take the human element out of it.Have money automatically transferred each pay into a savings account. Maybe for you this account is an “Emergency fund” in case you lose your job. Perhaps it’s to buy a home – whatever it is make it automatic.


3. Spend Less

I’m not going to go through this whole bit on spending less. Take a look at your habits and figure out where you’re spending too much. Cut the costs and save the difference.. its quite simple. There are so many talented people teaching this art. I’ll list a few.

4. Invest

Become a owner not just a consumer. Open a trading account & purchase a couple ETF that track the S&P 500 and perhaps the TSX. I won’t get into asset allocation you may do that due-diligence on your own. Although, I’ll probably write an article or two on it shortly.

5. Give back

Perhaps the MOST important strategy for gaining wealth is giving. The gratification you achieve when you can help others stimulates your entire existence and unconsciously fuels you to earn more – to give more.

One common trait you’ll find in the most successful people you learn they love giving back. Good Karma.

Following these simple strategies will be the beginning of mastering your wealth. A life-time of saving and compounding your savings will ensure you live with wealth.
This article is simply the tip of the iceberg. The absolute most important message here is to educate your self. Get the information required to make smart decisions. Improve your situation. It isn’t all about money, much of this comes down to your mindset.
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