Self-Awareness: Finding Your Passion

I believe “finding your passion” has become a extremely diluted saying. Growing up it’s preached to find your passion and pursue it.  It becomes something that people just say. However my friends. I want to reignite this beautiful flame and scorch your soul. Because having passion is important for so many reasons.

Enjoy your life.

Working in a commission sales environment I have the opportunity to speak to tons of people every single day. This is interesting for a variety of reasons, you discover patterns and trends. One unfortunate fact is there are so many people who have adopted a mundane sense of life. You work, enjoy a few things, save a few bucks and carry-on.

Finding your passion doesn’t mean you are doing what  you love everyday, sometimes that just isn’t in the cards. It means you are at least passionate about an aspect of your life that gives you a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

I’m encouraging you to take action on your passions. If you always wanted to create YouTube videos than please, my friend go make those videos. There’s a learning curve that isn’t fun, there’s the grind of growing your audience but in the end it is so rewarding. If you always wanted to be a photographer, save your pennies & get a camera. Take the time reward to learn all the strategies and show the world your beautiful photos.

Sometimes unexpected things happen

Most people who are actually making money doing things they love start from simply being passionate about a subject and going all in mentally. It’s usually never about money in the beginning. I can pretty well guarantee you almost every famous YouTube star didn’t intend on becoming famous.

It’s amazing what can happen when you’re actions are genuine and consistent.

Live a beautiful life

People who take advantage of their passions will find it much easier to find their “success” & happiness. The best way to find your passion if you’re not sure about it is to try shit! Say no to nothing. You’ll never know if you don’t try. This is one of my personal pillars of success. Find your passion.

I think people will find this small piece of advice extremely helpful If you take time to reflect. Relate these points to your own life and when your ready take action.


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