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Ep:#17 Starting a Podcast & tools to Self-Brand

Looking to start a podcast? Here are some tools to succeed. Self-branding? I’ve created this episode for you. I’ll dive into my methods for recording and some other random thoughts.


Ep: #16 The Power of Perspective

The tremendous power you have is waiting to be tapped into. Have you ever gone to a friend or parent when you were upset? Did they successfully make you feel better?

If you answer yes to this which I’ll safely assume you did. You’ve already tapped into this extraordinary power. The power of perspective.


Ep: #15 Real talk with Paul Gibbons

I talk with Paul Gibbons who hosts Think Bigger Think Better podcast. He’s also, an entrepreneur & author. There’s so much insight to be drawn from people like Paul who’ve experienced so much. Incredible conversation.

Find his podcast here:


Ep: #14 Social Media for businesses & Self Branding with Scott Ayres

Scott and I dive into conversation digging into Scott’s life and how he ended up being the lead content master for Agorapulse . Scott’s had every job in the book. He started off thinking he’d get into the medical field. Turns out he had a very business oriented mindset and he spent years learning his true path. Hear from someone who is deep in the social media game. His insights and best practices could potentially be a game changer for you. I really hope you enjoy this episode of the BigRedSays Podcast.


Ep: #13 Success strategies for a fulfilling life with linda ugelow

Have you ever doubted yourself? Are you curious how to control your mindset? Or wondering why it’s important? I speak with Linda Ugelow who has a lifetime of experience in business, public speaking & coaching. We dived into her journey which started with dance and ended up with entrepreneurship.


Ep: #12 The Essential Mindset for Confidence, Inspiration & Faith with YouTuber Mike JaJa

Mike Jaja is a content creator on Instagram and YouTube with 1 goal in mind. To Inspire confidence and faith within individuals. He has an amazing story to tell & this is where it’s heard




Ep: #11 4 Undeniable Principles of Growth with Jonathan Pritchard

Discover concepts and principles for achieving success from a mentalist. A journey that started early at 13 juggling fire which later transitioned into being an entertainer and eventually honing his skills to switch gears and speak to businesses.



Episode 10: Work life Balance

Suzanne Brown and I have a phenomenal conversation. She brings tremendous value with her long list of experience in business, entrepreneurship, writing, presenting & being an advocate for work/life balance.

Discover tried and true methods for work/life balance, her experience doing a TED talk & life as an entrepreneur.


Episode 9: Human Behavior Discussion 

Jason Eric Ross is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Actor, Writer & Coach. He’s well versed in human behavior from years of working as a Psychotherapist. In this episode Jason offers up his advice for 20 something’s which is very applicable to all ages.


Episode 8: Growth Talks

Jess Ratcliffe started Unleash Your Extraordinary a program designed to be catalyst for building confidence, developing resilience and personal growth. However in today’s episode we dive into her journey that led to this project.


Episode 7: Health & Fitness

A chat with Monique on health & fitness. Discover her methods for staying motivated and picking the right workout. She’s on her own journey of personal development we’re lucky to have a sneak peak inside her mind. Enjoy!


Episode 6: Overcoming Anxiety & Entrepreneurship 

Megan Ernst a photography entrepreneur opens up about her life and describes how she overcame anxiety, quit her dream job and started her own business.


Episode 5: Passion

On this episode I discuss (passionately) the importance of passion. There are tips and tricks littered through the entire episode, I think you’ll really enjoy it.


Episode 4: Habits to Increase Your Happiness

Searching for new tools to improve your state? check out this easy tips to improve your overall happiness. This clip was pulled from the BigRedSays YouTube Channel.


Episode 3: Define Success & Happiness

Discovering what defines your success & happiness is incredibly valuable if you are uncertain. In today’s episode we dive into the audiences take on what defines this.


Episode 2: Balance Your Life

Take a different look at the phrase “be in the moment”. Decide what to focus on and make it a priority. A segment of this episode was stripped from the BigRedSays YouTube channel.


Episode 1: Circle of Influence

Discover concepts behind managing your circle and why it’s important. How much effect do those around you have? How much control over this do you have? A Brief segment of this episode is pulled from the BigRedSays YouTube channel.


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