How to Start a Podcast In 3 Easy Steps

Starting a podcast is incredibly practical these days. It’s very easy to execute on with apps like Anchor. Podcast listening is absolutely exploding and will only continue as we move into a more audio world with voice devices exploding. 


For Those More Auditory – 3 Easy Steps To Starting a Podcast. 

Step 1:

Identify your topic & schedule. 


First of all, define your topic. Don’t over-think your format. The most important step is to just do it and learn as you go. You’ll figure out what works.

It’s vital as you grow that your audience knows when they can expect new content. This also makes it easier for your own time management.

Step 2:

Download Anchor.

Anchor is where it all goes down. You can either record using Anchor or upload your content to it, and allow them to publish it for you. All for free. EASY!

You don’t need any fancy gear. Anchor has an app so you can literally use your smart phone. No excuses. 

Step 3:

Promote with Social & Blog.

Finally you must get social. Instagram, Twitter & Facebook are an absolute must. If you’re feeling keen I recommend LinkedIn as well. 

Be apart of the community that you’re building. Reply to comments, reach out to people in your niche and comment on their content. Everyone is always thinking about what they want to achieve. You have to give before you get. 

Start a blog and release articles to share which relate to your topic. 

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