Discovering Happiness & Success

Discovering Happiness & Success

My most recent episode of the podcast had a very simple concept. Record peoples view on what is success & happiness means to them.

As many things in life this task wasn’t as straight forward as I originally thought and lead me down many interesting paths.

I received many responses which were fantastic and I loved listening to their answers both voice recordings and emails. However on the flip side, I realized there are a variety of reasons people who want to reply, simply won’t.

Hearing your voice out-loud is the worst, which I totally understand. I do believe it’s because we can be over critical, however doing something like this could be a great stepping stone to a personal growth opportunity and over coming this belief. So, if you’re reading this I strongly encourage you to submit to me through voice recorder what success and happiness means to you. (

Secondly, I realized many people don’t know what defines happiness or success which begs the question. How do you plan on living a fulfilling life if you can’t prioritize your own happiness? So, I I’ve titled this episode as Part 1 as I am going to dig deeper into this in future episodes.

If you have a moment please check out episode 3



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