5 Undeniable Principles of Growth with Jonathan Pritchard

Jonathan and I linked up for a conversation. Incredibly enriching. He has a very practical approach to life and personal growth. Based off our conversation I’ve created a few basic principles for you.

1. Life Is a Value Exchange 
Think about exchanging value for value rather than always thinking money for value. 

2.Conquer Your Mindset
Look at enormous challenges as opportunities. Dream big, run into fear. 

3.Harness Valuable Skills
Find your freedom by harnessing skills the market will value. If you’re focusing on skills the market doesn’t value you’ll never find freedom.

4.Have Enthusiasm 
No one will ever be more enthusiastic than you about your “thing”

5.Be Careful Who’s advice you Consume
Only take advice from people you want to be like

Check out the episode via Anchor

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